Ravel Americas INC. a Florida business entity is a 100% subsidiary of Ravel Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India. The US subsidiary was incorporated in the state of Florida in December 2018. Ravel Americas with its core team and appointed Business Representatives and Distributors work continuously to create awareness of Ravel Fire Brand across the American market and territories.

The parent company – Ravel Electronics Pvt. Ltd. was set up in the year of 2004. The parent company manufactures a wide range of fire detection product and systems. The parent company is still the first and only Indian manufacturer and the second in Asia to obtain UL Certification for Fire Alarm Panels. The company also has ISO 9001 certification and is listed with the international bodies such as UL, LPCB and FM approvals. UL, LPCB and FM approvals are recognized and accepted in over 120 countries making it possible for Ravel to sell their products in many countries including USA, Latin America, and Caribbean Islands.

To position Ravel as one of the top reputed brands in domestic and international markets with a composite range of intelligent electronic systems to cater the Fire Detection and Security Automation Industries.

The mission of the company is to serve the Fire detection industry with robust, trouble free and world-class Fire Alarm Panels and Devices. The cornerstone of the personnel plan is to set the policies, recruit the team and train them intensively and effectively to cascade the vision of the organization.

Latin American Repgroup (LAR)
Ravel Americas

(LAR) - The group has wide experience of more than 16 years in the Electronic Security market, LAR has become the largest and most recognized group of Representatives in the area of ​​Video Management Systems, CCTV, IP, Video Analytics, Analytics audio and smoke detectors in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

Visit: https://www.laregroup.com

Montgomery Ames Associates
Ravel Americas

The business is "Manufacturers Electrical Representatives since 1930." . The company provides: Technological Solutions for product selection and implementation that include electrical / electronic building technologies for commercial properties.

Visit: https://www.montgomeryames.com

Ravel Americas

TechBTC is a brand of Bridge Trading USA LLC, a company founded in 2009, in order to provide advice on design technology projects catering to Fire and Security Industries. The company is aimed at growing Fire detection systems in LATAM Market.

Visit: https://techbtc.com/